The Marble Hub is the place in Marble you go to get information, go to the bathroom before hitting the trail, or read books and play board games upstairs.  I love it, and I volunteered there. You can buy books about the area, pick up a postcard, get a coffee, candy and a cold drink.

Many people ask directions, or they ask if their car is going to make it around the Lead King Loop.  I would never drive anything around the Lead King Loop except a 4-wheeler.  I have a Jeep which could definitely do it, but I wouldn’t want to risk it because there are sharp giant rocks, steep narrow passageways that get hairy if there are two vehicles passing.  So, if you have to ask, don’t do it.  Just rent an atv.  Athletic people can walk around it in a day.

The Marble Hub is also where the reservations for the Meri Daes campground are, so call here for a reservation if they are open.  I usually use the online reservation system, though.  Then I check in and say “hi” to the camp host.  The Marble Hub is not exactly at the campground, though, it’s a ways away in a building that was the old bank back in the day when coal was king.

The Marble Hub is on Main Street, but life pro tip, Park St is the street that feels like Main Street in Marble, main street doesn’t feel very main.