Silt, Colorado is where you are at exit 97 off I-70 going west past Glenwood Springs, west past New Castle.

Drive south across the Colorado.  To the left, go towards the Holiday Inn, to the right, pass a tree growing out of a Silo and a park and ride to your right.

A park and ride is a parking lot where you can leave your vehicle while you travel upvalley with your coworkers.

The Silt KOA is in a nice location, along the Colorado.  The Holiday Inn in Silt is phenomenal with balconies overlooking the Colorado, a fun indoor pool, and superior service.

Silt Island Park, one of the greatest places to park of all time.  Here you can walk your dogs along the banks of the Colorado, or drop your fishing boat into its waters.  If you were rafting from upriver, this is a great place to exit the river.

All of the land in between Garfield and Alkali Creek south of New Castle; Divide Creek and Dry Hollow also south of New Castle and Silt; is some of the prettiest ranching land in the west.  At the end of the roads to the south, there are several entrances to the White River National Forest, and the Grand Mesa. Keep going on a back road and get to Collbran with a great, scenic shortcut; but only in a 4-wheel drive vehicle when dry.

Go west on Highway 6 from New Castle is another way to get to Silt. You might catch sight of Peach Valley road to your right. Also known as County Rd 214, Peach Valley is a great place to keep horses, grow food and live a decent ways away from your neighbors.  There are several places between New Castle and Silt to buy locally grown food.

Silt main street highlights include the Miner’s Claim restaurant, Misty’s coffee shop, West and Blessed women’s clothing store, Skip’s Farm to Market shop, and the historic Silt Bank at 7th and Main, listed for sale by Laura Connor broker associate at ERAFleisher.

Miner’s Claim is located on the corner with a great patio for sitting outside. The chef is from Aspen, the food is from heaven and the vibe is pure Silt. Famous for their Martini Nights and seeing neighbors, the Miner’s Claim is the go to restaurant on the whole Western Slope in my opinion.

Misty’s coffee shop is the exact kind of place that New Castle desperately needs. Locals ethically source and roast the beans to perfection, and Misty pours hot water gently over the grounds.

Silt Historical Park displays a fascinating array of historical objects from the area.

Silt’s 7th sT turns into Peach Valley Road which has formed a horseshoe to the north. Take this road or north 1st street to Silt Mesa Rd. to see some other properties which are also ranchettes.  From Silt Mesa Rd you’ll be able to turn right onto Harvey Gap Rd. and get to the Harvey Gap State Park.

Past Harvey Gap jog on County Rd 226 back east and turn left at County Rd 247, it’ll link back up to Buford Rd and you can take it north to the Flattops.

Go west past Harvey Gap and you’ll be able to connect with Rifle Gap, Rifle Falls, and Rifle Mtn Park.

Silt has some great homes and neighborhoods, some ranchettes, and some rural living.  Its great for anglers, hunters, people who want to go to the White River National Forest to the north or south, people who enjoy enough acreage to have chickens or mules or horses or goats.

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