Rifle, Colorado is the place where two rifles were lain by a tree to mark a good spot.

Northeast part of town is the Rifle Garfield County Airport.  Get there by going left at the end of the exit and turning east onto Airport Rd.  There are only a couple of other reasons to go back east on Airport Rd, including Starbucks, Tequilas, Grand River Health and Wal Mart.

Just like New Castle west to Silt, Rifle can be reached by highway 6 or I-70, west from Silt.

From the interstate, turn right at the light onto highway 13 which is a bridge over the Colorado. This comes to a light, meeting up with Highway 6. Go straight onto Railroad, its the main drag.  To your immediate left you’ll see the parking lot home of the farmer’s market.

3rd st is nice, home to the Whistle Pig, a great place to use your computer while eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

If you’re going to the high school, you’ll need to turn left on 3rd, it winds to the right and is then called Fravert Blvd, turning left and changing name to 5th Street.  At the top of 5th you’ll be a Prefontaine.

If you need a date level decent restaurant, to to Tequila’s on the north side of town. If you need to drink a beer and eat some wings, go to Wing Nutz.  You’ll enjoy the atmosphere.

The Garfield County fairgrounds hosts the Garfield County fair, which is part series of contests, part series of social events.  Here’s where you can watch cowboys show off as rodeo guys.

At the end of Railroad, the main drag, you’ll veer right and be on Government Rd or Highway 13. Keep going until you see a right turn onto County Rd 325 just before the Fireside Lanes bowling alley. This road takes you past the Rifle Creek Golf Course.  Next you’ll be turning right onto the Rifle Gap dam and crossing it.  To your left, you’ll see the entrance to Rifle Gap State Park on Rifle Gap Rd.  You’ll need the Colorado State Parks pass or you can buy a day pass.

Rifle Gap because they use “gap” instead of “tiny lake” here in Western Colorado.  There’s a boat ramp on the west side, and a swim beach on the west then south side.  There are some camping loops with reservable spots for tent camping or camper camping with water hookups.

Let’s say you continue on 325 without stopping at Rifle Gap. You’ll reach a right turn onto County Rd 226 (Grass Valley Rd) which connects back to Harvey Gap where you can go south and hit Silt, or continue east and hit Buford which you can take up to the flattops or down into New Castle.

Back to 325 past Rifle Gap.  You’ll soon get to Rifle Falls State Park.  Here there are designated parking areas and walking trails. You can reserve a camping site for tent or camper. Enjoy the trails, see the falls.

If you keep going north on 325 you’ll pass the Hatchery and the road turns into County Rd 217.  Now you’re in Rifle Mountain Park. This park is usually packed with Sprinter Vans housing climbers.

Order Up is a breakfast joint, diner style that is pretty nice.

At the back of the park, there is a subdivision established in the way back days, an off the grid home for sale. Ask me for details.

In any case, the park is gorgeous, and it leads you to the higher elevation of the Flattops Wilderness.

If you stay on I-70 and continue to the west, you’ll see Anvil Points.  The distance in elevation between the sand colored peaks and the Colorado river is 4,000 feet.

Rifle has great neighborhoods east and west of Railroad Ave. If you want to find a property in or near Rifle contact LauraConnorRE.com