If you want a family adventure in Aspen with mountain bikes, look no further than staying in Snowmass. Snowmass Village has turned its summer programming into a family dreamscape with great activities for all ages, and easy to hard challenge levels on its endless mountain biking trails.

Find out about the Snowmass Bike Park here.

The Roaring Fork Mountain Biking Association is teeming with information on mountain biking the valley. There is a lot of news and information on this website and the link to MTB Project which is a great resource for trails.

Carbondale’s a biking mecca with a number of great trailheads nearby.

Roaring Fork Cycling is a great organization with programs for middle and high school students.

In Glenwood Springs some of the hiking trails can be ridden on a bike.  Red Mtn is a great destination, and the Boy Scout trail has a singletrack.  I’ve seen fat bike riders at the Sunlight Recreation area.

New Castle has been a focus of trail builders, with the LoVa group trying to figure a way through Glenwood Canyon in order to connect Glenwood Springs to New Castle the way the Rio Grande trails is the commuter trail for the rest of the valley.

New Castle is having a mountain bike extravaganza this summer which promises to be an awesome festival.

New Castle has a new BMX park at VIX.

Rifle boasts RAMBO the Rifle Area Mountain Bike Organization which has a closed facebook group.

The Roan Cliffs Chaos bike race enjoyed its new course this year and promises to be a fun event every year!

Powderhorn ski resort becomes a downhill mtn biking park in the summer.

Palisade has a Fruit and Wine Byway that can be biked on any kind of bike, as well as several other mountain bike rides and parks.

COPMBA (Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association) is an organization for mountain bikers on the Western Slope.  Join if you’re interested in the development of single track trails.

Grand Junction mountain biking is recommended wherever you get your mountain biking news.

Over the Edge has a lot of information about biking near Grand Junction in the Grand Valley.  The town of Fruita, at the southwest edge of Grand Junction is a starting point for a vast area of  land with mountain biking trails that go as far as you can.