Mistyoga is a wonderful space in downtown Rifle to enjoy the sun and your energy come up. 

Here’s the Vision Statement

“Our vision is to create a space where individuals can shine. Where you feel love, peace, freedom, and truth. Where you can experience limitless space, timeless endurance, never-ending acceptance, everlasting patience, and continuous self-discovery. We are inclusive of all traditions, beliefs, and philosophies. We practice to see the world around us with an open mind, which means looking within and acknowledging yourself as a soul, and in turn,
‘seeing’ others in the same light; creating miracles with each ‘hello’ we give to ourselves and to others. This exploration is the natural healing process for each of us as individuals, as well as our community, and the planet. We hope you will join us on this path of self discovery to support wellness and create miracles within the Rifle community and beyond.”