The Lead King Basin is the most beautiful place I have ever seen outside of Torres del Paine.  Its part of the White River National Forest System, managed by the US Forest service. 

Its maybe a Jeep trail, but a couple of Jeeps and several trucks have fallen off the trail to their demise in the Crystal. 

This trail is only passable in the summertime, beginning in early July.  Sometimes, its not really passable due to avalanche debris on the trail. 

At some parts, the trail is pure slippery rock.  Its too stressful to think about whether or not your daily driver has enough clearance or won’t get a tire puncture. 

Its a long long hike, but its a wonderful 5 hour RZR ride. 

A smaller vehicle is worth considering since the trail’s popularity has created etiquette issues in terms of treating the town of Marble politely and not speeding through it, making loud noise, or leaving trash. 

This is a place that the profundity of beauty, the inspiration of the mountains and the tranquility of nature surround you.