Battlement Mesa schoolhouse

The Parachute and Battlement Mesa area is known as Grand Valley.  This school house still dots the skyline on your left as you’re on your way to Battlement Mesa’s southern subdivisions.  Grand Valley’s history here. 

This area was “discovered” as early as 1776 during the Spanish exploration of the west. 

Pioneers moved into the Grand Valley in the mid 1870s, but it didn’t really become a community until the shale boom of 1916.  

Battlement Mesa was first developed by Exxon, and the operations “crashed” in 1982. Since then Battlement Mesa has developed into a wonderful series of neighborhoods. 

Check out the  Grand Valley Historical Society on Facebook.

I found three texts on the history of this area. See 

Historic Tales of Colorado’s Grand Valley, High Country Heaven,Up the Creek Parachute Creek’s Pioneer Families and Energy Development 1875-2015