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Laura Connor of Western Slope Adventures

Laura Connor

Western Colorado is full of great experiences in the outdoors. Laura wants to connect people to those professionals who can facilitate these enriching experiences.

4-wheeling or driving side by sides is a great activity on the Western Slope. There are a number of trails around Rifle, the Flattops, Silt, Glenwood Springs, Snowmass, and Marble.  Whether or not 4-wheeling is allowed on a given trail is indicated by a sign.

 If you search in facebook for 4wheelers for sale you’ll get a drop down menu where you can find the posts nearest to your location.

There’s a    , which is a group out of Montrose @WesternSlope4Wheelers.

Integra MotorSports is where you can shop in Glenwood Springs for new and awesome 4 wheelers and snowmobiles. @integramotorco

Glenwood Adventure Tours  offers guided trips on the historic Bair Ranch.

The  Visit Grand Junction website makes it super easy to find trails around there.

All Terrain Motorsports  is a private dealership in Grand Junction. 

The Funshare Buggy Center  offers an ATV rental experience.

Packing for a day long adventure: I like taking rain pants and a good rain jacket, you need a ballcap and a bandana.  I like those wraps you can put around your hair or neck. If my hair is long, I braid it, and bring a brush in my backpack. In my little backpack I carry my phone, handheld gps, wallet, paper map, multitool, dogtreats, one snack, handwipes, handsanitizer, toilet paper, chapstick, bug repellent, and journal.  You need a snack bag and a water bottle. You need a leash in case your dog is not following your commands, you need a dog bowl for giving water in case you don’t see water for awhile.  I don’t like wearing shorts because the metal close to the footrests can get hot, so I like wearing jeans even in the summer.  Trail jogging shoes would be the lightest thing I would choose for footwear, but I really prefer the protection and support of hiking boots.


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