Redstone, Colorado

In Redstone you can feel the past in the present because its visible all around.  Driving up scenic Highway 133 past Carbondale, you wind through the canyon like atmosphere with the Crystal River rushing to your left.  When you get to the coke ovens, turn left over the bridge.

Redstone was developed during the coal boom related to steel production in the 1890s.  Read more about Redstone’s history From Redstone to Ludlow: John Cleveland Osgood’s Struggle against the United Mine Workers of America.  Each cottage has its own history, as does each side of the boulevard. The geography of the town mapped onto the importance of worker roles. From the elegance of the Firehouse Rd. homes, to the homes that double as shops, and miner’s cottages, the architecture tells the story of 1890s-1940s coal town life. 

The first thing you see is the Redstone Inn, which is a wonderful historic hotel with an excellent bar.  The atmosphere is all mountains and you feel like your great grandpa miner is going to come sit down next to you and tell you how he shot one of the mounts.

Your wifi is not going to work in Redstone, (or anywhere along scenic hwy 133) unless you are connected to a network.  If you’re going on a hiking, biking, or climbing trip near Redstone, I always like to take paper maps.

The Redstone Castle has recently undergone a complete renovation! The Castle Tour is a must!  It was the ultimate decadent Industrialist vacation to be invited to the Castle in its heyday.  From hunting and fishing, to sprawling lawns, birdwatching and painting there is no mountain recreation that could not be had from this spot on the Crystal.

Whether you want to go to the Castle for a B&B weekend, a tour, or special event, it is advisable to plan ahead.  The tours are full at 15 people, and don’t run every day.  Special events are always limited tickets so best to follow the Castle on social and get tickets ahead of time.

Ride your bike down the boulevard and keep going.  Trees on either side, you’ll soon reach the Redstone campgrounds.

The Penny Hot Springs is a major destination by the side of the road where the hot water heated from below meets the cold rush of melting snow that is the Crystal.  There are several private properties that also enjoy thermal waters in the area.

For up to date real estate data on Redstone, see this webpage. 

Check out 43 Elk Mtn Dr. if you are looking to buy a home in the area. 

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