Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“Two Rivers and Endless Possibilities” in my tagline for Glenwood Springs.  First known as Defiance for hosting a bunch of gold and silver chasing outlaws, what drew the white men is what drew the Utes, the healing waters of the Yampa.

Here, where the Colorado River meets the Roaring Fork, the geothermal dynamics make for two hot springs resorts heated from below by the earth. 

Doc Holliday was one of the most famous outlaws in Defiance and there’s a trail to his grave. Glenwood Springs is along the railroad line west. Rail is a great choice since driving west on I-70 past Eagle, entering the Glenwood Canyon area is only for the alert.  You will lose cell service, which is fine because you’ll need to focus on the bridge- like road winding along the raging river.

Glenwood is a hub for rafting companies, fishing guides, and families who want to go to a mountain resort less intimidating than Aspen. Sunlight Mountain is a great choice for the beginner. 

Glenwood Springs is home to an Adventure Park which has very scary rides including a swing over the canyon.  The Adventure Park is a great place to enjoy live music and offers cave tours.

Glenwood Springs offers a bustling restaurant scene in the lower Grand Ave. area and a vibrant small business community. The farmer’s market and the Rio Grand Trail along the river are just some of the outdoor highlights.

To find out about the real estate market in Glenwood Springs, see here.   

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