Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is nicknamed The Silver City because of its history as a silver mining town and its been glittering ever since. Its je ne sais quoi attracts everyone.  From people who see Aspen Mountain or Highlands and just want to ski. Everyday. For the rest of their lives. And do. To urbanites escaping to the mountains for its sports and big city culture in a small town.

As a laid back ski-party town in the seventies to the delicious volumes of restaurant perfectionism, to its current incarnation as the best place to spend a month or twelve, if Aspen were a person she’d be fun. Real fun.

This is the town that came “this close” to letting Hunter S Thompson be mayor. Go to the Woody Creek dive bar, order the food, and let your inner gonzo lead the conversation. 

Aspen ends as  Independence Pass begins, a gnarly mountain pass that is only open until winter is upon us, and then reopened in late spring or early summer when its passable again. This is the road that hard-core cyclists like to try themselves on.

The Roaring Fork river runs through Aspen. It is both walkable and on the edge of the wilderness. 

It’s a quaint Victorian village at the end of the road.  

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