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Boating in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope can mean sailboat, in the case of the Aspen Yacht Club at Ruedi Reservoir, but you’ll also see a lot of fishing boats there, and motorboats for tubing, water skiing, tug surfing and general splashing around.

Non motorized boats are allowed on Harvey Gap.  Harvey Gap is a great place for paddleboarding, beach bumming, swimming, playing with tubes and inflatables, fishing and ice fishing.

Rifle Gap is significantly bigger than Harvey Gap and also has a beach for people who don’t have a boat.  Shore fishing, tent and camper camping are other activities at Rifle Gap.  You need a state parks pass for both Harvey and Rifle Gap, or there are options to pay by the day and vehicle.  Rifle Gap is good fishing, and allows motorized boats for water skiing and tubing.

In the summertime, on the flattops and on the Grand Mesa, there are a number of lakes some of which have fish, while some get too cold in the winter to sustain much aquatic life.

Vega Reservoir is my favorite

Paonia Reservoir is murky water but has fish in it and is a great place to go boating and camping with your family.

Marble is home to Beaver Lake which is a fun little lake for paddleboard, fishing boats, shore fishing.

Fishing on the Crystal River, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, and Colorado Rivers.

Fly fishing guides

River fishing guides

The farthest afield we have gone for fishing and boating fun is of course Lake Powell, and the Flaming Gorge in Utah.