Aspen History

The Aspen Historical Society’s facebook page is a wonderful resource, as is their webpage.  See  this site for information on the Ashcroft and Independence ghost towns. You can also find information there about the Wheeler/Stallard museum and the Holden & Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum. 

The 4 Rivers Historical Alliance produced an incredible map showing all of the historic sites of the Roaring Fork Valley. 

The new development Lift One is going to feature a History Museum. 

I went to goodreads to discover literature on Aspen’s history and this is what I found.   1893-1936 were called the Quiet Years. Read about that era at Aspen the Quiet Years.

Ghosts of Aspen is a book about the haunted locations. 

Aspen was the scene where an avid gonzo journalist was the only person remotely sort of near town known to be honest. Check out Freak Power: Hunter S. Thompson’s Campaign for Sheriff