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4-wheeling or driving side by sides is a great activity on the Western Slope. There are a number of trails around Rifle, the Flattops, Silt, Glenwood Springs, Snowmass, and Marble.  Whether or not 4-wheeling is allowed on a given trail is indicated by a sign.

 If you search in facebook for 4wheelers for sale you’ll get a drop down menu where you can find the posts nearest to your location.

There’s a    , which is a group out of Montrose @WesternSlope4Wheelers.

Integra MotorSports is where you can shop in Glenwood Springs for new and awesome 4 wheelers and snowmobiles. @integramotorco

Glenwood Adventure Tours  offers guided trips on the historic Bair Ranch.

The  Visit Grand Junction website  makes it super easy to find trails around there.

All Terrain Motorsports  is a private dealership in Grand Junction. 

The Funshare Buggy Center  offers an ATV rental experience.

Packing for a day long adventure: I like taking rain pants and a good rain jacket, you need a ballcap and a bandana.  I like those wraps you can put around your hair or neck. If my hair is long, I braid it, and bring a brush in my backpack. In my little backpack I carry my phone, handheld GPS, wallet, paper map, multi-tool, dog treats, one snack, handwipes, handsanitizer, toilet paper, Chapstick, bug repellent, and journal.  You need a snack bag and a water bottle. You need a leash in case your dog is not following your commands, you need a dog bowl for giving water in case you don’t see water for a while.  I don’t like wearing shorts because the metal close to the footrests can get hot, so I like wearing jeans even in the summer.  Trail jogging shoes would be the lightest thing I would choose for footwear, but I really prefer the protection and support of hiking boots.